Ventura Capitalist about Bitcoin

As the whole world brilliance is a potential economic catastrophe that triggers trade wars, inflated cash flow and exchanges, Bitcoin shows signs that he lives with his expectation that it can become an economical hegel that is due to its fragile defective design.

It also shows a direct correlation to other safe asylum assets such as gold, Japanese yen or Swiss francs. But it can be better than hijack. In fact, one venture capitalist says that Bitcoin “has some sort of best against the traditional financial system.”

bitcoin value today

Bitcoin: the best economic hedge or money under the mattress?
From the beginning of 2019, Bitcoin has earned more than 300% of the investors’ profits and is the best performance of the whole year. It has increased market prices of $ 3,200 to another parabolic perspective of $ 14,000 where it has stopped suddenly and is now consolidated under resistance – potentially bullish period reaccumulation after a strong marking stage.

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This move could make Bitcoin an opportunity to use the economic potential recognized by institutional investors and the global investment community. And the trade war between the United States and China, which is pressing against the already fragile financial network of global economy, may be in the future after the world’s largest economic exercise.

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