Five good reasons to do an escort tour to Peru


When planning a trip to Peru, do you have to travel independently or take an escort tour? The answer lies in the type of traveler you imagine and your expectations for your trip. But even independent travelers are involved in accompanying tours, hoping to shift the hassle of planning trips and organizational details to someone else. Now that travel companies have realized that travelers prefer more leisure time, smaller groups and unique experiences, the accompanying tour has become more popular than ever before.

Know what you might think of: Escort tours for seniors in Bermuda shorts and Fanny packs. You imagine hordes of tourists descending from buses with cameras at hand, disturbing the natural rhythm of things near the beautiful ruins that have just arrived.

Luckily, this is an old idea for guided tours. They have grown up, and the tour operators are providing with many of the same experiences as independent travelers. Many companies determine the number of passengers per round, search for unique experiences through communication at their destinations, and provide the kind of comfort and care that seals the deal for many travelers.

Here are five good reasons for an escort tour to Peru:

1. The group is accompanied by a full-time tour manager whose sole mission is to make sure you are comfortable and happy on your travels. Does your room not live up to the standard? Does your stomach bother you? Can not find this small store recommended by you? Patients carrying your travel bags, or standing in a ticket queue to a location or attraction? Your tour manager is responsible for answering your questions and finding resources to help you with your travel, handling your luggage, and anything else that makes your trip more enjoyable. Tour operators in the United States often have an American tour manager accompanying the group that will work in coordination with a tour guide in Peru. A tour guide is charged with telling the locations and bringing the local color to your trip; the tour manager sees details of the itinerary, comfort and well-being of its passengers. Make sure you ask your tour operator whether you are hiring a guide and a manager on their trip. And remember: a good tour manager can make your trip. You want to find a company that employs experienced flight managers. Like a good waiter, he or she is there to help you with your travel, not to control your time or control the trip.

2. Leave details to us: from start to finish, fine details of your travel experience in someone else's hands. Air tickets, hotels, guides, transportation, meals, luggage and entrance fees are taken. Your task is to sit back and enjoy your time away. But that does not mean you become a passive traveler. A good tour operator will provide plenty of leisure time to your itinerary. They will employ experienced guides who can answer your questions and direct you to other sites or activities that may interest you. Sure, there must be a "collective mentality" for a tour to go well: things like being on time or being a nice traveling companion are important to experiment, but smaller groups and less active tours mean the trip is less robotic Than it was, and more about spending your time and enjoying the experience. Other details – such as no need to worry about your luggage, access to or departure from hotels, as well as meal planning and site visits have already taken place. This is exactly why these tours are popular.

3] Peru is wonderful, entertaining and wonderful without borders, but it is a foreign country – in many ways, removed from the common experience. There is a stomach upset and annoying bacteria. There is a rise to face him, sometimes a small crime and a foreign language to deal with. The company uses a good tour of tried and true restaurants – chosen by experience. Tour managers understand how high they are and how they affect travelers and know the tricks that make you feel comfortable rising. Good companies do not want to explain your experience to you, but hope to make your experience more enjoyable by removing any obstacles along the way. They called in doctors, changed restaurants, made tours for prescriptions and helped translate the language for travelers in Peru. For some people, knowing their support along the way makes the trip better.

4] Single travelers – and even couples – enjoy the experience of traveling with others. Big links can form during the trip, and I have travelers who meet new people on a tour they make friends with for a lifetime. You have a lot in common with your adventurous colleagues: love of travel and experimentation, enthusiasm for new foods, or love of history or archeology. You may find that you are traveling with a group of people just like you. Group dinners are the most important of the tours, where everyone meets at the end of a long day for a cocktail and a meal. Most people prefer to enjoy the experience of traveling with others.

5] It's a team mentality that develops on a tour that makes people come back. Each tour takes its own life – through highlights, special jokes, new friendships and themes. After that, you travel together, which is really your choice whether you want to sit back and enjoy the trip or attract fellow travelers. But the tour becomes a thin candidate in which to test a culture, often adding to your vision, experiences and memories.

Be sure to read my article about choosing the right tourism company before booking a trip. Look for one that suits your particular interests and your sense of speed and expectations. It's great to see the itinerary filled with tourist attractions and sightseeing, but remember that you're the one to participate! Make sure you have a leisure time for your own sporting activities, and a sense of speed encourages rest and revitalization, and the company insists on the best coaches and the most qualified tour guides.

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