Traveler's notes are transcendental and common


With Good Morning Diego Garcia: Discovery Journey (Book Trips 2), Talented author Susan Joyce communicates her additional memoir, which she began They Cheer: The Awakening Journey (Journeys – Volume 1). The result is a wonderful book, combining the types of notes and travel books, related to the author's additional adventures, when she and her husband Charles are invited by friends to travel on a yacht they break on their first trip, traveling to many exotic locations. As in the first book, the author undergoes an internal journey of self discovery in addition to the experience of the journey of life, making many people dream of seeing it only.

Good morning Diego Garcia The narrator and Charles begin in Ojai, California, having spent a turbulent time in Cyprus, living during the 1974 coup and the war there. The couple settle in a rented house, where Charles is waiting for his old job to call him back and tell him that work is available to him. They do not seem to be worried about finances much, because Charles raised funds in at least two bank accounts so that they could continue.

An important message arrives in the mail, which changes the life of the narrator and her husband forever. This message is from their friends, Mia and Dylan, who are currently in Taiwan. Their friends are also friends of a Swedish millionaire, who owns several yachts, and has bought a new one. The Swedish millionaire always has the yachts cut off before traveling, and Mia and Dylan the narrator and Charles on the trip, "to help the yacht crew from Transcormale, Sri Lanka to Seychelles, all the way across the Indian Ocean and from the north across the Suez Canal."

They set up plans to meet Dylan and Mia in the coastal city of Trincomalee on the east coast of Sri Lanka. The name of the yacht they traveled to was ZoZo.

Just to get to where the narrator and Charles met in the end with Dylan and Mia was an adventure in itself. They travel to Bombay, where Charles records some hashish, get a stay in beautiful 5-star hotels, while they see the great disparity between the rich and the poor in Bombay and India when they have a hotel near Taj Mahal.

The narrator at several places in Good Morning, Diego Garcia, notes that she kept a trip. Must be comprehensive where the description of the people they meet and the scenes they see are described as wonderful, making the narrator's adventures very real for the readers he wrote.

Although the narrator and her husband have never had a yacht before, they are thrilled at first about the possibility of traveling by yacht to different destinations around the Indian Ocean. However, they discover that the trip will happen during the monsoon season, and that their trip will not be as enjoyable as they expected.

Along with their travels, narrator narrates her charm with Edgar Cayce's books, and the importance of dreams to him and her. She also asks philosophical questions, sometimes, for example, asking why cattle in India are sacred, not human.

All this before they meet with Dylan and Mia, and start a journey that will take them to destinations such as Seychelles and Diego Garcia, a volcanic island in the Indian Ocean, the largest island among 60 small islands comprising the Chagos archipelago, before eventually returning to India They travel to Brussels, Belgium, in 1976.

Good Morning Diego Garcia: Discovery Trip (Book Trips 2), Is a very well written account about narrator trips to exotic places, as well as being a story about her emotional and spiritual growth as a person. It is a must read for anyone who likes to read the attractive and private travel diary, especially for the authors of the first book of the author in this series, They are a salute: The Awakening Journey (Journeys – Volume 1).