Life Lessons from Gulliver's Travels


Jack Black's latest film is a recent version of Gulliver's Classic Travel. In addition to being good and fun entertainment, it has some good life lessons.

Respect my self

In the film, Jack Black plays the role of a postman who has been stuck in the job for years and has not moved in. He has low self-esteem and has a crush with a colleague in another department, but he feels that he is not good and deserves enough, and therefore does not dare to ask.

Lesson – Our respect for ourselves and our beliefs limits our achievements in life. What we think and believe in will determine the limits of what we believe we can do and achieve in life. If we have a low self-esteem and we always think that we are not good and worthy enough, it is unlikely that we can achieve much in life. If we do not believe in ourselves and our abilities it is unlikely to do so. With low self-esteem and reduced faith in our abilities, come and fear. It is unlikely then to risk or experience anything outside of our comfort zone or unfamiliar to us, and will keep us young and confrontational in the current situation, with little room for improvement and achievement in our lives.

be yourself

When Jack Black ended up in Lilliput and saved the king, he suddenly became a person who had never been in his life before. Overnight became a hero, savior, everything important and respectable. As a result he began lying and creating anecdotes, living in a fictional world to maintain his image in the eyes of people in Lilliput he was an important person – the president of the United States, where he came from, so he would be respected. But of course, the day came when weakness, incompetence and loss of all respect were exposed.

Lesson – Be yourself, do not try to be someone you are not. In life, we first need to recognize and accept who we are and be comfortable with ourselves. We can lie to others, be dishonest in trying to be someone else, but we will never be able to lie to ourselves and to God, and this is a matter of time our clothes and lies will appear. Most of all, if we always try to be like others, and worse to stand in front of a front or identity or false image, we will never be happy, as we will always live a life of excuses that will be very tired, unnatural and artificial.